B:A:C:H ● like waters

radio.string.quartet has adapted the G minor violin sonata by J.S.Bach for itself and thus places this 300 year old old music in the present day.

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Vienna based radio.string.quartet is a stylistic multi-cell, a micro-organism in which the individual cells communicate with each other without interfering, thus resulting in their own, unique living being. A newly discovered cosmos, combining the future with old roots. Flattering, demanding, searching, wild, fragile, enthusiastic, dramatic, sweet, powerful, cinematic - and always looking ahead.

Bernie Mallinger - violins, vocals
Sophie Abraham - violoncello, vocals
Cynthia Liao - viola, vocals
Igmar Jenner - violins

In Between Silence

"In Between Silence" carries a rare dynamism, fearlessly experimental and full of oblique sounds, yet still immensely harmonious and catchy.

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radio.string.quartet & Roland Neuwirth


Reinventing the music of Roland Neuwirth, who himself reinvented traditional viennese music for the last 40 years.

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Les couleurs du feu

r.s.q. bigtime! Our suite for string quartet and orchestra premiered in 2019 with the marvelous Münchner Symphoniker. Fire!!


radio.string.quartet’s music played unplugged - designed for over-acoustic venues like churches, museums….

Which kind of music do you play ?

Neoclassical? Jazzrockpoppy hymn? Contemporary? Crossover? Contemporary Crossover? A journey through 15 years of r.s.q to find an answer to this always recurring question.


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  • In Between Silence - Live

  • ...with Roland Neuwirth

  • Les couleurs du feu

  • ...with Thomas Gansch

  • "Strange fruit"

  • "Dream caused by..."

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